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Online Personal Trainer and Dietitian



Online Personal Trainer & Dietitian

What is an online personal trainer?

Getting a personal trainer can be daunting, some people just don't like to be pushed that far out of their comfort zone, some people struggle to keep to fixed appointment times with their busy lives, that is before we mention the cost, per session...

As an online personal trainer, we communicate remotely, You stay in control of your gym and meal times, but i will help you create a workout plan, diet plan and keep you motivated until you hit your personal goals and beyond.

What costs are involved?

The most cost efficient option is to sign up to our monthly subscription plan, the cost of 1 whole month with me as your personal trainer, is around the same price that you will pay your local personal trainer for just 1 session. We also offer individual, one off plans... if you think you are capable of hitting your goals yourself, but need some guidance with a workout or diet plan, this would be a better option for you.


My latest advice on supplements, stop spending $$$ on useless supplements, get the right information on supplements that will assist you in reaching your goals, there is no magic pill, don;t waste your money.


Let's talk gaining muscle, its the thing that most people aim to do when they join a gym, here i give my top tips to help add lean muscle and trim any excess fat.

Food Groups

Know your food groups? Make sure you know what you are putting into your body, if you understand what the different types of food contribute towards, you will be able to make informed decisions about your diet.